House extensions leeds

Choosing the best contractor for house extensions Leeds to realise the dream of a place to live, work or produce goods for the country, implies depositing the trust of a life project in a competent and responsible organisation. That is why your home renovation team should take their profession with complete seriousness, because the realisation of your project is the reason for their way of life.

In this way, they can extend or build housing projects, offices, detached houses, semi detached, bungalows, warehouses and more, adjusting to the terrain, respect for ecology, spatial needs and budget. No matter what the conditions are, they should always use them in the most advantageous way for the client.

With years of experience and trained people, JMR Construction offer the support you need to achieve the construction, expansion or extensions of your property (home, building, retail, shopping centre, warehouse, pool, etc.), as you have wanted. As construction engineers, we can assist you in the integral requirements that you request:

Specific Solutions
We offer a particular analysis of the problem of each client, seeking to find a specific and expert solution for each case, which will be much more than the generic and common standard solutions that our competition can offer.

Technical Advising
Offer of Consultancies for making decisions regarding the finishing materials and colours, as a proposal of added value.

In addition, when the client and work permits, we offer free work solutions to define paths, diameters and accessories needed to define electrical, hydraulic and sanitary facilities, generating significant savings in terms of cost project and preparation of plans.